E R J Wood
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Rad stuff definitely love the vibe of your work! I also run climbandcreare tumblr com! Check it out :) i pretty much only post my own photos though so sometimes its slow

I love both your tumblrs - nice work! 

Thanks for your kind words - it means a LOT! 

  • Crash Pad Love, Pen & Ink. 

    Framed and ready to buy in my Etsy shop :) 

  • Let’s GO on an ADVENTURE! 

    Available to buy in my Etsy shop… :) 

  • My art is now up at White Spider Climbing centre in London :-)

  • Your paintings are beautiful!

    Thank you so much! Really kind of you to say :) 

  • copyright Emma R J Wood.

    Cul de Chien, Fontainebleau. Acrylic on canvas, 20” x 8”

    Available to buy in my Etsy shop

  • New beginnings!

    Just so you know: Art Dilemma just became Project Climb! 

    Hope this doesn’t confuse anyone too much :) 

  • Crowd study, pen and ink

  • Boulder mat walk in, pen and ink

    Now available to buy here :)